Cleaning Lexan Polycarbonate windows

Windscreens / Windshields

Hardcoated – The hardcoated surface of our windscreens is easy to clean, so you can use many of the regular spray on windscreen cleaners**. Isopropanol alcohol or Naphtha are also good if you need to get any grease off the screen and give it a deep clean. Make sure you wash any excess dirt or grit off the screen first before cleaning.

Products such as Rain-Ex can be used, but we do not make any guarantees that it is ok to do so – please test first.

Do not use ANY polishes or Abrasive cleaners on any surface of windscreens / windshields!

Anti-Fog  - The Anti-Fog inner surface needs to be looked after. It is Hygroscopic meaning it absorbs water molecules from the air – it will also absorb chemicals which can damage it.

Over time the screen will absorb moisture. If the performance of the Anti-Fog seems to be dropping off or you need to clean the window, we recommend using the softest damp microfiber cloth you can find and gently wipe the screen over in one direction. Next, clean using Isopropanol or Naphtha (which is lighter fuel) on a pre-washed microfiber cloth. A quick wipe over is all it needs to remove any surface grease, do not saturate the surface. Following this, using a hairdryer just warm the entire surface up and this will rejuvenate the AF properties.


Body windows & Rear Screens

Hardcoated – Easy to clean. Wash or blow off any heavy grit first the clean using warm soapy water or our spray on POLYPOLISH cleaner.

Uncoated – Care needed when cleaning as they are easy to scratch. On heavily soiled windows first hose or blow off any dirt or grit, then using a very soft sponge and plenty of soap and water to clean the window, wiping in one direction only and rinse with clean water  - always follow cleaning with the use of our POLYPOLISH kits to help seal and protect the surface.

Removing sticker residue – The best thing to use is WD40. Spray it on then gently wipe off the residue using a soft microfiber cloth. You will need to clean the window afterwards to remove the oil film left by the WD40. Use Naphtha or Isopropyl alcohol followed by our POLYPOLISH.

Removing Scratches – Basically, you can’t. Light hazing can be polished up using our POLYPOLISH system, but anything you can catch your fingernail on is in there for good.

Stuff you must never use – Thinners, Panel Wipe, Abrasive cleaners and polishes, Petrol, Brake Fluid, or other aggressive chemicals.

We always recommend using our POLYPOLISH kits to seal and protect your windows, we use it in the workshop and we use it on the track.

PolyPolish Polycarbonate window cleaning kit

**If you are using any other product than POLYPOLISH or our recommended chemicals we strongly suggest you always test them first. We can not offer any guarantees that any other products will be suitable for use on Polycarbonate.  

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