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Motorsport Polycarbonate Windows

Motorsport Polycarbonate Windows

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  1. Ramped NACA Vent
    Ramped NACA Vent
  2. Plastics 4 Performance NACA duct scoop
    NACA Duct Scoop
  3. Plastics 4 Performance Slider scoop - Curved version give the best fit to curved (Thermoformed) windows
    Slider Kit Air Scoops
  4. Edge Stiffener Plates  - Rolled alloy window supports   for frameless doors - Example fitted in front door window
    Edge Stiffener Plates (Pair)
  5. Air Scoop Type B
    Air Scoop Type B
  6. Air Scoop Type C
    Air Scoop Type C
  7. Air Scoop Vintage
    Air Scoop Vintage
  8. Rotating bubble vent for lexan or polycarbonate windows.
    Rota-Bubble Vent
  9. Air Vent Cover
    Air Vent Cover
  10. NACA Duct  - Clear Vacuum formed NACA duct from Plastics 4 Performance
    NACA Duct
  11. Naca Vent - Low drag NACA air intake from Plastics 4 Performance, Clear version
    NACA Vent
  12. POP IT vent - 360 deg rotatable snap vent for Motorsport & Aircraft cockpit ventilation, Made in the UK by Plastics 4 Performance
    Pop It Vent
  13. Air Scoop Type A
    Air Scoop Type A
  14. Bubble Snap Vent
    Bubble Snap Vent
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