Lexan Windows

FAQs - The most common questions we get asked.

Do you ship to my Country ?

Yes - We ship all over the world, the most popular countries are on our website, any country that is not featured means we just need to give you the best quote for shipping possible.

Are they UV protected ?

Yes - All our windows are made from the highest glazing grade polycarbonate, Fully UV protected.

Are they Legal for road use ?

Complicated question as many countries have different rules regarding aftermarket replacement parts, In the UK it is fine to use Polycarbonate windows in the side and rear of the vehicle, Polycarbonate Front Windscreens are not road legal. Grey and Bronze tints are not legal to use in the front door windows but can be used in the rear of the vehicle.

We can manufacture fully road legal 'E' Marked windows to special order.

What thickness should I order ?

UK MSA Regulations have a minimum thickness of 4mm for race and rally cars,  FIA Historic Race / Rally cars should use 5mm, FIA Rally X cars are 5mm , FIA WRC cars are 4mm, BTCC / WTCC are a 'MINIMUM' thickness of 4mm (beware as all polycarbonates are manufactured under specification - We have special thickness polycarbonate made in 4.2 and 6.2mm to meet with the FIA ruling.

Each country will also have its own specific regulations and it is advisable to check.

What are hardcoated windows ?

Hardcoated windows have an invisible chemical surface coating which increases the scratch resistance of the polycarbonate, and also the resistance to chemical attack from many of the fluids used in motorsport, Its expensive, It works and your windows will last a whole lot longer than normal polycarbonate

Polycarbonate Windows What is the point of fitting plastic windows to my car?

Two main reasons for replacing the standard glass windows in your car are to save weight and improve occupant safety. Compared to glass of an equivalent thickness there's over a 50% saving in weight, giving you improved acceleration.

Saving weight ‘up top’ also lowers your car’s centre of gravity, leading to improved handling. Increased impact resistance against cockpit intrusion keeps the occupants safer throughout the event.

Do we make windows for your car?

Well, there’s a good chance we do, or can do. We have a good range of kits to suit the more popular vehicles and we are always on the lookout for new kits to produce. Whether it’s an obscure vehicle, or bespoke application we'll always give it a go before we say no.

I want some windows making for my car, but can you modify them?

We often get asked if we can make windows bigger to suit bolting them in or turn two-piece door glass into single panels. We manufacture all our windows to order, which allows us to make any modifications you require, as your windows are made. This means that it usually won’t cost you any extra, all you need to do is ask.

Are they MSA/FIA Legal?

All our windows manufactured for use in the UK are made from 4mm thick plastics, which meet the vague rules in the Blue Book. These rules state that certain windows may be replaced by a plastic equivalent of at least 4mm thick. For use outside the UK it is advisable to check your own specific regulations as you may be allowed to use 3mm thick windows. We advise you to check your technical regulations, just to make sure.

Are they road legal?

We have asked a number of MOT stations whether Perspex windows are road legal and the answer has been “yes” as long as they are not solidly fixed, or if they are that they have an opening aperture in them. As most of the rally cars in the UK have to have a valid MOT certificate, the argument would be the fact that there are thousands of cars fitted with Perspex windows that are road legal in the UK.