Lexan vs. Makrolon vs. Arla

Which is the best type of Polycarbonate for my windows?

We often get asked which is the best type of polycarbonate; Lexan or Makrolon or Arla? It’s a difficult question to answer.

For you, the Customer, there is no difference other than the brand name. All companies produce top quality polycarbonate and they are more than suitable for use in your vehicle.

Is Polycarbonate the same as Lexan, Makrolon or Arla?

Yes! Lexan, Makrolon and Arla are all brand names of polycarbonate sheet & resin manufacturers. For us, the window manufacturer, each brand of polycarbonate has its benefits during manufacturing and the supply of the brands also dictates which material we tend to use.

As Makrolon is not the easiest of materials to get in the UK at the moment, we use Polycarbonate from Lexan in the Netherlands and Arla in Sweden.

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