***  Due to all the crazy stuff going on in the world, shipping prices are changing daily, We are trying to keep the costs stabilized but if your order contains a Front windscreen as well as a kit or your order is bulky or you live in a destination the shippers class as remote there may be a shipping surcharge which we will inform you of. *** 


Where do we ship to ?

We ship world wide so whether you are in the USA, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand or any where in between, above or below these locations we can ship to you, fully insured and direct to your door. The only problem being non business customers in Russia.


Delivery & VAT conditions.


VAT and customs charges, Import Charges

All UK sales will have VAT added at the Governments set rate, For exports into Europe NO VAT will be added but we require Business EORI numbers prior to shipping , For Exports outside of the EU, NO VAT will not be added.  If P4P ship the goods the above terms will apply, If you decide to arrange your own shipping we would usually add the UK VAT until you shipping company provides proof that the goods have left the UK, we will then refund the VAT unless your Freight forwarders have prior trading agreement with P4P  - please be aware your country may impose an Import tax which YOU will be required to pay, This is usually collected for the Government by the Postal service or carrier and can be often be called a Brokerage Fee, or Import tax etc.


We have a dedicated shipping department experianced in shipping our products all over the world so you can be assured that your purchase is adequatly packed for its journey from us to you, sometimes the shippers do their very best to destroy things but the goods are insured  - AS LONG AS YOU NOTIFY THE SHIPPERS AND P4P IMMEDIATLY.

Shipping costs

Are expensive , although the boxes are light the size of the boxes often attracts surcharges  - We do our best to get a good price and we will often refund some shipping costs if we manage to get a better deal, usually applies to larger items where we ask for quotations for the different shippers. 
We often get asked if we can pop something in at the post office for UK shipping, unfortunatly as we are in a rural location we do not have access to a local post office and this often means we have to take a 40min car journey so we do not offer this service.


We will usually ship on a standard service door to door basis with DHL or similar, limited road haulage is available for certain products , Everything we ship is fully insured until it arrives with you - PLEASE CHECK FOR DAMAGE and report this to the shipper immediatly and also to P4P - Failure to do this means you have accepted the products and theres not much we can do after this



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