Polycarbonate Window Colour Options

All our Lexan Polycarbonate motorsport windows are available in 3 colour options (All UV protected)  - Clear, Grey and Bronze tint which you can see on this short video.


Clear Polycarbonate

Clear Polycarbonate is the most popular choice. Available in 3mm, 4mm, or 5mm as well as a hardcoated option. UK road legal in all sides and rear windows.

Grey Polycarbonate

Our Grey Polycarbonate offers a light grey, stealth look for your car, whilst still allowing for 70% light transmission. UK road legal in rear windows only.

Bronze Polycarbonate

Our Bronze Polycarbonate offers a unique bronze hue to make your car stand out at any track. Ideal for older vehicles such as Ford Escorts and Opel Mantas. UK road legal in rear windows only.

porsche 911 polycarbonate top down bronze window colour


Here is an "at a glance" comparison of the three colours we offer:

polycarbonate race rally windows

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