Polycarbonate Polish and cleaner kit


Plastics 4 Performance Polycarbonate polish

Anti static, UV protective polish and cleaning kit for Polycarbonate windows.

Used in our workshop this is the best polish you can use for Polycarbonate.

2 x 250ml Bottles + microfibre cloth.

£18.00 £15.00

Polycarbonate polish and cleaner kit

P4P developed Polycarbonate polish and Cleaner kit includes a thick acrylic based polish with UV protection.  Applied to your windows after installation and removal of the protective covering this polish will seal the surface providing a static free window which does not let dust and grit stick, It also improves the water dissapation keeping the windows clearer in the rain. It will also fill micro scratches and generally freshen up old windows as well.

Developed and used in our own workshop this is the best polish you can use for polycarbonate.

Also included is a trackside cleaner which is a combination of a cleaner and polish so you can look after your windows at the track side

250ml Trackside cleaner, 250ml Polish, 1 x microfibre cloth  


Not for use on front windscreens !



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