BMW - G20 Sedan - HEATED Polycarbonate front windscreen


BMW - G20 3 Series Sedan - Heated polycarbonate front windscreen

B-Grade Stock - only 1 available , Screen has slight dust particle inclusions in the outside hardcoating layer which can hardly be seen, Originally manufactured for BTCC team. 

BMW - G20 3 Series Sedan - HEATED polycarbonate front windscreen

Laminated Polycarbonate with Fine wire internal heating elements

Our lightweight windscreens are manufactured from High optical grade polycarbonate, accurately thermoformed to match the OEM / Stock glass, 3D CNC trimmed and coated with our unique super durable ENDURO* to help minimise scratching when used with wipers**

Pre applied black border with high detailed DOT matrix serigraphy where applicable

 Tested in World Endurance racing and the World Rally Cross arena and often used without the need for tearoff protection.

Optional internal Anti-Fog* coating which helps to keep the screen clear and fog free during wet or humid conditions - It really does work. 

* We have developed our coatings over a number of years with a world leading specialist coatings chemist, they are unique to Plastics 4 Performance and not available from any other company despite what you may be told - for 20 years we have tried and tested every coating available and believe we give you the best coatings that actually work !

** We recommend the use of silicon wiper blades or at least clean wiper blades ????

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