VAUXHALL - Astra E Mk2 - Lexan right hand rear quarter window


Vauxhall Astra MK2 polycarbonate rear 1/4 window

Flat lightweight polycarbonate rear 1/4 window

VAUXHALL Astra E Mk2 - High Quality rear quarter window

Our Lexan windows are manufactured from motorsport quality Lexan or Makrolon UV protected polycarbonate. They weigh half as much as OEM glass and is marked to meet the MSA, FIA and ABG regulations. This window is fully CNC profile cut to the shape of the stock glass to ensure an accurate fit. The window is shipped with protective film on both inside and outside for protection.

The specification

- Flat rear quarter window + black border

Tailor made

 All windows are manufactored in the UK, tailor made to your specification!

Want the Best ?

This kit is also available in Lexan Margard, which has a special hardened surface coating that helps protect against scratching and chemical attack - just select the Hardcoated option from the material options below.

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