FIA / MSA Regulations & Approvals

First of all, the FIA / MSA or other regulatory bodies do not actually ‘approve’ any manufacturers windows, so beware of people advertising this.

The FIA / MSA publish a set of requirements that windows must be made to and this usually involves using a recognised shatterproof material of a certain thickness and permanently marked to indicate this.

All our Polycarbonate products meet all current material specifications for construction from a shatterproof plastic and we can provide thicknesses to suite the required regulations.

Our windows are permanently marked with the appropriate material specifications and ID numbers required. 



Windows can be Homologated for a particular vehicle. This is usually done by the vehicle manufacturer and submitted to the FIA before build. Any windows then made for this vehicle whilst still running in homologation rules have to be made exactly to the published specifications.

More info can be found here



If you are looking for E-Marks, ANSI markings or any other type of certification please look here:

E-Marking & certification information


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