DAIHATSU - Charade GTTi - Polycarbonate window kit

Daihatsu Charade Gtti polycarbonate window kit

5 piece thermoformed lightweight polycarbonate window kit

Daihatsu Charade Gtti polycarbonate window kit

High performance polycarbonate window kit for the professional competitor.

- Manufactured from high quality Lexan UV protected polycarbonate
- Approximately 50% weight saving compared to glass
- Each window is marked to meet MSA, FIA & ABG regulations
- Windows are thermoformed and CNC profile cut ready to fit

The kit contains

- Thermoformed front door windows
- Thermoformed  rear ¼ windows
- Thermoformed rear screen
- Black borders applied to rear screen and rear ¼ windows

Colour  & material options.

Tailor made for you.

All our products are manufactured in the UK and tailor made to your specification 

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Window Type Polycarbonate Window Kit
Model Charade GTTi
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3mm - our lightest and most flexible choice. It is a good choice for when you are bonding or bolting windows into the car like the rear screen and rear quarter windows, or if you are going to permanently fix the door windows into the doors. 

4mm - the best all-round thickness choice. 4mm gives you good weight savings and also remains fairly rigid so you can use it for any bonded or bolted in windows or windows fitted into rubber seals as well as the majority of door windows.

5mm - thick and heavy duty windows. We usually would use 5mm on frameless door windows or for some vintage race cars with big curved rear screens.

More information can be found here.

ARE your windows curved and PRE-CUT TO FIT?

Yes, all of our windows are trimmed to the size of the stock windows. However, there are a few exceptions where we deliberately make the windows a little bigger in order to fit where body trims are bonded to the glass, but we can not add them to the polycarbonate.

All of our windows are also pre-curved to the curvature of the original glass. 

Can I use the original window mechanism?

Yes, as all of our windows are direct OEM window replacements, you can wind our windows up and down. We highly recommend you choose our hardcoating option if you intend to use the original winder mechanism, otherwise your window will scratch with immediate use. Please also ensure any rubber seals are free of grit/ debris or these will also scratch your windows.

Do your windows come with black borders?

Yes, if your OEM windows came with black borders from factory then your polycarbonate windows will come with black borders pre-applied. We will even add a dot matrix if the original glass had one.

How do I fit my Lexan Polycarbonate windows?

We have written guidelines for fitting your windows, which you can find here.

Do not be tempted to use any glues or primers that are designed to bond glass windows into cars. These primers and cleaners are too aggressive for polycarbonate, and the typical glass adhesive does not allow for expansion in the polycarbonate. These will damage your windows.

Are your windows FIA/ MSA approved?

The FIA/ MSA or other regulatory bodies do not actually ‘approve’ any manufacturers' windows. The FIA / MSA publish a set of requirements that windows must be made to, and this usually involves using a recognised shatterproof material of a certain thickness and permanently marked to indicate this.

All of our Polycarbonate products meet all the current material specifications for construction from a shatterproof plastic, and we can provide thickness’s to suit the required regulations. Our windows are permanently marked with the appropriate material specifications and ID numbers required. 

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