ALFA ROMEO - SUD - Lexan window kit


Alfa Romeo - Alfa Sud polycarbonate window kit

7 or 5 piece flat polycarbonate window kit, fitments for all MK1/2 Saloon and hatchback


Alfa Romeo - Alfa Sud polycarbonate window kit

 High Quality lightweight polycarbonate window kit for the serious competitor.

- Manufactured from Selected high optical quality Polycarbonate sheets
- UV protected against sunlight discolouring
- Approximately 50% weight saving compared to glass of the same thickness
- Each window is marked to meet MSA, FIA & ABG regulations.
- Accurately moulded to the curvature of the OEM glass for a perfect fit*
- Ultra black high detail borders ready applied where necessary.
- CNC profile cut and ready to fit
- Tinted Polycarbonates are self-coloured throughout the sheet.  

The kit contains

- Flat front door windows
- Flat rear ¼ windows
- Flat rear screen

Custom made for you.

All our products are manufactured in the UK and are custom made to your
requirements, Slider kits are factory fitted when ordered with windows.

*Applies to all Thermoformed windows not flat items.


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