Frequently asked questions

Do we, is it, can we, have we and all the other questions we always get asked...

Do you ship to my country ?

The answer is probably YES , Our website covers a lot of countries but there are some that we need to make custom shipping quotes for. If you place an order for delivery to a country that we dont automatically cover, your order will be accepted and we will mail you with the best shiping quote we can find.

Do we ship to the USA ?

Yes, fully insured, door to door.

Do you price match ?

Not unless we drop our quality so we can offer you a cheap deal - but we dont really believe in doing this.

How long will they take ?

This really depends on the time of year and what we are making for you , As the race season starts we get extremely busy and windows and kits can take between 5-8 weeks, when its not so busy lead times can drop to 2-3 weeks even less for some products. Accessories are usually a stock item and are usually shipped within 2-3 working days of recieving your order.

I cant find what i want on your website.

Our website has around 65% of the makes and models that we have available, if you cant find it please ask our sales team and if we dont have it then there always a special deal to be grabbed.

Are your products the same as other companies ?

NO, certainly not , Our polycarbonate sheet is specially made for us to exacting tolerances and optical quality, Our hard and anti-fog coatings are unique to us and have taken over 15 years to develop and continually upgrade, Our slider kits are injection moulded and not bits of routed polycarbonate strips, Our windows are formed to match the exact curvature of the stock glass we dont use universal moulds and hope for the best.

Can you make custom windows ?

Yes, we make a lot of custom products for use outside of the motorsport world, We manufacture products for the Police and Security services, Funeral services, EV's, Kit cars and one off projects, just ask our sales team.

Can you E-Mark windows ?

We are the only Motorsport window supplier in the UK that has approval to E-Mark Certain windows , please enquire with our sales team as there are limitations to what we can and can not apply an E-Mark to. 

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